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  1. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Jul 30, 2019

    Quote by shinshinovi Hey.
    I submitted 2 artworks yesterday for no reason, and I had given it a tag or something. Just now when I was checking my guestbook, my convo with elisadevlon reminded me of the rules.

    Can you please kindly edit the tags to 'Original' or remove the artworks? Mini-Tokyo seems to give limited options for submitted artworks.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Forwarded it to current mods, they can help. Though, I checked both submissions and everything seems okay to me so maybe someone has already fixed it~
    Have a nice day ahead!

  2. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Dec 09, 2017

    Quote by shinshinoviI've been inactive for years ever since I gave up on this so most of the stuff I know's currently on the drain right now. Sorry for that. :\

    Most of the artworks I've been submitting recently are usually done on whatever scrap I have on my hands + extra time. Trust me, I don't even think anymore. I just, draw. No reason. Post, no reason. I had reasons before, but now, no reason at all. The tag part, I believe, is intended to organize. I'm in a chaotic state right now. I'll try not to tag instead, like I used to. Sorry. :|

    Ok, I see. It's not such a big deal but like you wrote, tags help us keep things organized. If proper tagging is too much for you, just tag your OCs with Original and the mods will tag the rest. But like I said, please don't create individual tags for your OCs.

  3. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Dec 08, 2017

    Man, please do not create new tags for your original characters. Instead, kindly tag the submissions with "Original" and if the character is an OC, please make 'Original' the primary tag. For more details, please read the tag description. Thanks!

    You're a member since 2005. I'd expect you already have learned this stuff long ago.

  4. fireflywishes Retired Moderator May 30, 2016

    Quote by shinshinovi Hi!
    How are you? Just dropping by o.o/

    hey shin-san! I'm doing well... Getting ready for a week of camping with my students before the last week of school. How are things going on your end? I'm glad to see that you still pop around in here every so often. I miss the old days when the site was busier!

  5. jakuro May 26, 2016

    im watching you >:D

  6. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2015

    Quote by shinshinovi TBH, I'm not sure lol. It's half of the full art wallpaper and an intended poster. Halfnakedguylol*shot*

    Just, life's too hard to even have time to draw. Screwed up life is screwed. Oh, real reason why I posted here:

    Ohyea, delete thingy.... I'll send the links soon after I get time, I'm just renting right now. DX
    I wanted to have a pro-feel on my 'portfoli-ok let me barf lol....sheeshcallingmyselfapromakesmebarf. XD

    awww, I hear you on real life getting in the way of things! I'm currently procrastinating on writing report cards for my students.

    I embedded a virus in one of my messages that alerts me when you have new submissions. (^_^)b (true story)

    And hey, you're living your dream. I'm pretty sure I've commented on how "pro" your pieces are before. No more barfing! ;)

  7. ndox900 Mar 06, 2015

    Quote by shinshinovi Well , sure, but there are irregularities on that piece (incorrect angles and such... XD)
    I have a final product of that one, I'll see if I can post it or not. =)

    thanks. okay , if you have the final image that would be great :]

  8. ndox900 Mar 03, 2015

    can i make vector from your works ? this one
    Jasper's Artbook Page 01: Elliah Havannah [Adult] by
    Jasper's Artbook Page 01: Elliah Havannah [Adult] by shinshinovi

  9. ndox900 Mar 03, 2015

    Quote by shinshinovi Fooled me lol. Rarely a vector fooling me as the actual art. GJ. You deserve a cookie and a hat tip-off but I ain't got no hat and I ate le cookie so I'll just pat you.

    thank you for the comment :]

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