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Shinshinovi's Cardcaptor Sakura Tv Review

Cardcaptor Sakura

Rated: 8

-Edit- I am not sure if CLAMP presented Card Captor Sakura on the way I am thinking, but I believe that they made a story that would surely make one curious. In fact, their latest project, Kobato (and others as well) also has some curious moments like Kobato not allowed to take off her hat. But on CCS, it's somehow, to the point, extreme, that is, for people whose curiosity has been transformed into malice.

I don't want to argue about that observation because it did got flak (c'mon, THAT's what I observed!), but on a general view, CCS got really good attention, not just on the common patron, but on almost all types of viewers. In general, the story is fantasy, with good whiffs of romance, fun, and moral sidelights. But at the same time, some situations are NOT morally good.

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Shinshinovi's Seto no Hanayome Tv Review

Seto no Hanayome

Rated: 9

One word: Humor.
You might also trip on some good values. Throw the bad values. and you get a good (but not total) package.
Seto no Hanayome is purely entertainment, and I can safely say I am entertained enough. However, critics might not agree, although I am more than sure they'll agree that Seto no Hanayome is clean fun.

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Shinshinovi's Bleach Tv Review


Rated: 8

Pace is very good. Even though there are some times that it looks like the hero (I.e. Ichigo, Byakuya) can't seem to realise the enemy's (I.e. Kariya) weak point, battle scenes really rock. Quite more realistic, like blood dancing (you just can't stop from pitying Ichigo while being trashed by Grimmjaw, I even see blood blots on the screen), environmental sync, and collateral damage. Not too lame, not too overpowered, unlike that anime that I loved at first until my sis says 'it's goddamn masochistic!'

Introductions of characters are just right. Common for an officer to introduce themselves formally, ne? But twists is something that Bleach never forgets. Zaraki Kenpachi seems to think that's it better to introduce power first before name.

Funny quips? Bleach has tons of them.

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